Low-grade diffusely infiltrative tumour (LGDIT), SMARCB1-mutant: A clinical and histopathological distinct entity showing epigenetic similarity with ATRT-MYC

  • Martin Hasselblatt (Shared first author)
  • Christian Thomas (Shared first author)
  • Aniello Federico
  • Susanne Bens
  • Mats Hellström
  • Olivera Casar-Borota
  • Uwe Kordes
  • Julia E Neumann
  • Matthias Dottermusch
  • Fausto J Rodriguez
  • Andrea C Lo
  • Sylvia Cheng
  • Glenda Hendson
  • Juliette Hukin
  • Christian Hartmann
  • Arend Koch
  • David Capper
  • Reiner Siebert
  • Werner Paulus
  • Karolina Nemes
  • Pascal D Johann
  • Michael C Frühwald
  • Marcel Kool


Low-grade diffusely infiltrative tumour (LGDIT), SMARCB1-mutant, is a histopathological distinct low-grade lesion encountered in older children and young adults that shows epigenetic similarity with ATRT-MYC and has the potential for malignant progression.

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Original languageEnglish
Article numbere12797
Publication statusPublished - 06.2022

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