Human erythrocyte fragmentation during ex-vivo pig organ perfusion

  • Zahra Habibabady (Geteilte/r Erstautor/in)
  • Selin Sendil (Geteilte/r Erstautor/in)
  • Felix Ellett
  • Franziska Pollok
  • Gabriela Elias
  • Beth French
  • Wenji Sun
  • Gheorghe Braileanu
  • Lars Burdorf
  • Daniel Irimia
  • Richard N Pierson
  • Agnes Azimzadeh


Platelet sequestration is a common process during organ reperfusion after transplantation. However, instead of lower platelet counts, when using traditional hemocytometers and light microscopy, we observed physiologically implausible platelet counts in the course of ex-vivo lung and liver xenograft organ perfusion studies. We employed conventional flow cytometry (FC) and imaging FC (AMINS ImageStream X) to investigate the findings and found platelet-sized fragments in the circulation that are mainly derived from red blood cell membranes. We speculate that this erythrocyte fragmentation contributes to anemia during in-vivo organ xenotransplant.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 29.03.2022