Development of an immediate release excipient composition for 3D printing via direct powder extrusion in a hospital


3D printing offers the possibility to prepare personalized tablets on demand, making it an intriguing technology for hospital pharmacies. For the implementation of 3D-printed tablets into the digital Closed Loop Medication Management system, the required tablet formulation and development of the manufacturing process as well as the pharmaceutical validation were conducted. The goal of the formulation development was to enable an optimal printing process and rapid dissolution of the printed tablets for the selected model drugs Levodopa/Carbidopa. The 3D printed tablets were prepared by direct powder extrusion. Printability, thermal properties, disintegration, dissolution, physical properties and storage stability were investigated by employing analytical methods such as HPLC-UV, DSC and TGA. The developed formulation shows a high dose accuracy and an immediate drug release for Levodopa. In addition, the tablets exhibit high crushing strength and very low friability. Unfortunately, Carbidopa did not tolerate the printing process. This is the first study to develop an immediate release excipient composition via direct powder extrusion in a hospital pharmacy setting. The developed process is suitable for the implementation in Closed-Loop Medication Management systems in hospital pharmacies and could therefore contribute to medication safety.

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