Total knee arthroplasty and patelloplasty in a patient with phocomelia caused by thalidomide


The treatment of osteoarthritis in patients with phocomelia with total knee arthroplasty is challenging due to the unusual anatomy and severe deformities. The authors present a case of phocomelia caused by thalidomide with end-stage osteoarthritis and grossly medialized patella. The patient was treated with a cemented constrained non-hinged prosthesis and patelloplasty. Six months later, the patient had complete relief of pain and was able to walk without walking assistance. To our knowledge, total knee replacement in a patient with phocomelia caused by thalidomide has not been described in literature.

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Original languageEnglish
Article number2050313X231154635
Publication statusPublished - 17.01.2023

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