The MoxFo initiative-Mechanisms of action: Biomarkers in multiple sclerosis exercise studies


BACKGROUND: As exercise exerts neurobiological and immunomodulatory effects, it might also act as a disease-modifying intervention in MS. However, a clear mechanistic link between exercise and disease-modifying effects in MS has yet to be established.

OBJECTIVE: Establish recommendations for future mechanistic exercise studies in MS.

METHODS: In regular meetings, members of the mechanisms of action group within the MoXFo (Moving eXercise research Forward in MS) initiative evaluated gaps of knowledge and discussed unmet needs in mechanistic MS research.

RESULTS: We concluded that biomarkers assessed in translational studies in humans and animals are essential to decipher the underlying mechanisms of exercise in MS. Consequently, we defined clear definitions of different types of biomarkers examined in MS exercise studies and operationalized their use to align with the research question and optimal testing time points. Furthermore, we provide key considerations to improve the rigor of translational studies and defined minimal reporting criteria for animal studies.

CONCLUSION: The resulting recommendations are intended to improve the quality of future mechanistic exercise studies in MS and consequently lead to a better understanding of therapeutic approaches.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 11.2023
PubMed 37880953