Sex-dependent associations of plasma high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and mortality risk in healthy older men and women: two prospective cohort studies

  • Sultana Monira Hussain
  • Andrew M Tonkin
  • Gerald F Watts
  • Paul Lacaze
  • Chenglong Yu
  • Lawrence J Beilin
  • Zhen Zhou
  • Anne B Newman
  • Johannes T Neumann
  • Cammie Tran
  • John J McNeil

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The relationship between high plasma high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and cause and mortality are not well established in healthy older people. This study examined the associations between HDL-C levels and mortality in initially healthy older men and women. This analysis included participants from the Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE; n=18,668) trial and a matched cohort from the UK Biobank (UKB; n=62,849 ≥65 years). Cox regression was used to examine hazard ratios between HDL-C categories <1.03 mmol/L, 1.03-1.55 mmol/L (referent category), 1.55-2.07 mmol/L, and >2.07 mmol/L and all-cause, cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and "non-cancer non-CVD" mortality. Genetic contributions were assessed using a polygenic score for HDL-C. Among ASPREE participants (aged 75±5 years), 1836 deaths occurred over a mean follow-up of 6.3±1.8 years. In men, the highest category of HDL-C levels was associated with increased risk of all-cause (HR 1.60, 95% CI 1.26-2.03), cancer (HR 1.37, 95% CI 0.96-2.00), and "non-cancer non-CVD" mortality (HR 2.35, 95% CI 1.41-3.42) but not CVD mortality (HR 1.08, 95% CI 0.60-1.94). The associations were replicated among UKB participants (aged 66.9±1.5 years), including 8739 deaths over a mean follow-up of 12.7±0.8 years. There was a non-linear association between HDL-C levels and all-cause and cause-specific mortality. The association between HDL-C levels and mortality was unrelated to variations in the HDL-C polygenic score. No significant association was found between HDL-C levels and mortality in women. Higher HDL-C levels are associated with increased risk from cancer and "non-cancer non-CVD" mortality in healthy older men but no such relationship was observed in women.

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PubMed 37610595