Improving Eye-Tracking Data Quality: A Framework for Reproducible Evaluation of Detection Algorithms


High-quality eye-tracking data are crucial in behavioral sciences and medicine. Even with a solid understanding of the literature, selecting the most suitable algorithm for a specific research project poses a challenge. Empowering applied researchers to choose the best-fitting detector for their research needs is the primary contribution of this paper. We developed a framework to systematically assess and compare the effectiveness of 13 state-of-the-art algorithms through a unified application interface. Hence, we more than double the number of algorithms that are currently usable within a single software package and allow researchers to identify the best-suited algorithm for a given scientific setup. Our framework validation on retrospective data underscores its suitability for algorithm selection. Through a detailed and reproducible step-by-step workflow, we hope to contribute towards significantly improved data quality in scientific experiments.

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StatusVeröffentlicht - 24.04.2024
PubMed 38732794